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Описание: The Minolta Hi-Matic S series consisted of four similar compact cameras from Minolta. They were the first Minolta compacts to include built-in flash, and they utilized zone focus. Unlike earlier Hi-matics, the S series used standard AA batteries to power the exposure meter and pop-up flash. The series began in 1978, but was regarded as obsolete a few years later when the Hi-Matic AF integrated autofocus into a body of the same size.

Lens: Rokkor 38mm, f/2.7 (4 elements in 3 groups)
Viewfindfinder: 0.5x magnification, shows 85 percent of frame, 5 zone focus marks, low light warning lamp.
Exposure meter: CdS mounted at top of lens barrel.
Film speed: Set by twisting ring around lens. ASA 25-400.
Shutter: Seiko ESF-D between-the-lens programmed shutter
Shutter speed: 1/4 to 1/450s
Flash: Guide number 14 (metres, ASA 100), 27 (m, ASA 400)
Dimensions: 130×84×55mm
Weight: 368g
SD adds date imprinting, with area shown in viewfinder where it will appear on the negativ
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