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Voigtlander Perkeo 3x4 - 127 film camera.
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Автор:  alexenmoscu [ 05 ноя 2019, 14:51 ]
Заголовок сообщения:  Voigtlander Perkeo 3x4 - 127 film camera.

Hi all,

Thank you, admin, for creating this sub-forum.

I hope now I can contribute to this community I like, all people I have met or done business are great.

First contribution for cameras review, this time and small Perkeo, 16 shots 3x4cm with 127film.

I wanted the first version with tubular viewfinder and the elegant “leg”.
I’m fan of this brand, particularly the knob-dial ones and pre-war.
I have two Inos II 6x9 and 6,5x11, Superb and now Perkeo 3x4.
And obviously Bergheil as well 9x12 and 10x15.

Back to Perkeo 3x4, I got a hit with this one, very well preserved, lens in order and shutter is nailed on every speed, only 300 is 220 but close enough :)

Camera can be focused before open the front gate, the knob is tight and firm as it should.
Camera is small but still it can be operated without problems, aperture has a level above the shutter, Compur rim as usual, cock and the level for shutter release is near the door where you hold the camera, just one finger to trigger it smoothly.

If you are used to folding cameras you will love this one, it’s a little toy and a joy to use, format 3x4 vertically ideal for portraits, mínimum focusing distance is 0.9m.

Anastigmat Skopar it might seem old and uncoated but normally Skopars both pre and post-wat win among other lenses, not on sharpness but on overall photo, tonalities, bokeh, you name it... One guy dis a test with Perkeo II with Skopar and Super Isolette with Solinar and he proposed a poll without knowing the camera, same photo done by both and Skopar won, of course one user one preference of lenses and brands.

The bad: That strap is very nice but I don’t know who could fit his hand on it :) only for carrying the camera in hand and some fingers in?? Were germans small in 1930??

The really bad: Why I buy a camera with the same aspect ratio than 6x4,5 format that I hate? Why?? Uh?
Because of those knobs!! I see a Voigtlander with knobs and I want it!! Thanks God Prominent 6x9 worths 2 kidneys or I would have one already :)

I think this is all, I would like to offer photo taken with the camera but my rolls of Kodacolor-X aren’t able to be developed nowadays so I’m using cross-develop BW TriX formula with it... not good quality.

Some photos of the camera:
28CEE094-CAAD-4281-A61E-BECA1B61AB45.jpeg [ 233.93 КБ | Просмотров: 2329 ]
39382819-2636-4044-BBA7-7139B7159A1C.jpeg [ 220 КБ | Просмотров: 2329 ]
554D8AB9-E99A-415F-B1A9-9DBFC15632E1.jpeg [ 170.23 КБ | Просмотров: 2329 ]

Now it's time to decide what to do with it... it looks like I won't take more photos in this format... :/
Thank you for looking,

Автор:  alexenmoscu [ 26 ноя 2019, 20:51 ]
Заголовок сообщения: 

Thank you, Denis, for the HP5 127 roll, amazing quality! The camera did well and as you said, there is no review without some shots.

Series of photos named 'teachers having cold and/or fun'.

Mr Dan.

Ms Irina.

Ms Kate.

Ms Nadine.

And the infinite test shot:

Other photos here:

I rarely shoot 127 and I have two cameras already and they are gorgeous :D

Thank you for looking.

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